Wheels up – Germany



On January 31st, I flew from Billings to Seattle, then Iceland, and finally landing in Germany on February 1st. It was a very long trip but found ways to enjoy it, like taking selfies in the airport bathrooms (you’re welcome). Christy, my friend of 5 years and now helping me as my agent, picked me up from the airport with her husband Mark. We then drove an hour back to Vilsbiburg where Christy lives and plays for the Dingolfing Volleyball League. I had my first practice that night with her 4th division team and it went very well! Got a lot of good reps while also realizing how out of volleyball shape I am…yikes. Her coach drove us home after practice and we had a very good chat about how overseas and professional volleyball works. He was honest about my skill level and told me which leagues and divisions I would best fit with.

Germans are as straight forward and intimidating as everyone says they are. Nice, but intimidating at first. Being overseas is not as scary as I was anticipating. I actually feel very comfortable, almost natural being around people I can hardly understand. I’m really digging it. I know I’m out of place, but I know that I’m safe and if I slow down enough, I’ll be able to figure out anything while I’m here. It’s also pretty nice having Christy around…have to give her a lot of the credit. πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t have made it here with out her.

More on this adventure to come!

Author: chelseyoverseas

Just a small town Montana girl, trying to play the game she loves overseas

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