It begins.

I’m sitting here with Jay, realizing that I depart for Germany in exactly one week. The thought of professional volleyball was just a pipe dream that started last August, and in a mere week, I will be stepping onto a plane and going on the grandest adventure of my life. I can’t believe I’m making it happen. It hasn’t been easy that’s for sure. There have been so many frustrating moments with training all week or slipping with my diet, especially over the holidays. Just the unknown of the whole trip has been frustrating. But it has also been the most adrenaline-inducing experience. Every time I wanted to stop early and slack with my preparation, I had to think “do it for Germany”. I have to give a lot of the credit to my roommates. They have held me accountable to my goals. I owe them everything.

I have received endless support. It’s extremely humbling. The community around me has shown so much encouragement, even from people I don’t know. My fellow trainers and friends at Granite have helped me build, strengthen, and mold my body back into the athlete it once was. Landon taught me everything and more about the nutrition aspect of my training. I feel in control, fueled, and healthy.

So much work, filling in clients to almost every available hour in the day to save up for this opportunity. So much preparation, training at least 6 days a week and getting reps in when I can.

I’m thrilled. I’m exhausted. And I’m ready.

See you soon, Germany.

Author: chelseyoverseas

Just a small town Montana girl, trying to play the game she loves overseas

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